Interrupted: Act 2 Reinventing Your Legacy

Reinvent Act 2 Life after 60 Are you feeling like a “has been?” You missed all the knocks of opportunity and there are none left? You missed the boat, didn’t do the thing and now it is too late? Do you wonder if people will remember you and your legacy? You know you are called to write that book, create that podcast but.. You hate the sound of your voice!! Everybody does at first. Who will listen? Read? Not your problem, if you are called to share your job is to share. I am not tech savvy! We all know someone younger who can help us out. It’s called reverse mentoring. Do you have regrets now? Let’s not take them to the grave. You are brave enough to do that thing, live that dream, it’s not too late!! Good news!! Hi there, I’m Laurie and I felt the same way! It seemed like life was passing me by as I was a single mom raising three kids on my own. Making decisions that where good for the family but not in line with the dreams I held. Doing what was right to support them. I struggled with depression and feeling like my “good life” was over. I was over 50 when my youngest graduated high school and I thought I missed out on everything. Now what? I re invented my dream, told a friend, and started walking in the direction I was terrified of and boy, did I get a lot of nos. I persevered and you can too. I persevered because I listened to people who had overcome challenges, rediscovered their purpose, found fulfillment after 60, started over, created their Act 2, embraced change and new beginnings. Thank you to those who were brave enough to share so we would have hope and believe in a possible future filled with joy. You will even hear some brave souls get coached into their Act 2. Grab your coffee or tea and that beautiful journal you just bought to secretly think about your dreams and get ready to go for a ride. I am talking with lots of people just like you who in their second act of life made big changes reinvented themselves creating a life they love. It is so do able and they are going to share how they did it. I just know you are going to be encouraged and maybe even come up with a plan for your Act 2. If not now, when? If not you, who? If not this, what? What if these brave souls who have shared their heart and their story said NO rather than yes? Do you wish they had a book if they don’t already? Would you read/listen to it? You are just like them. You have a story and it is the answer to someones prayer. You are not alone Leaving a Legacy class is a community and support system along with a formula, training and guidance in launching and publishing. Coach Laurie Insta: @didnotseethatcoming

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2 days ago

Michelle Tornetta and Lisa Ostreim love talking about podcasts and habits.  We had a fun time exploring the in's and out's of podcasting and what keeps them going. They have all their listeners rebounding now so they are doing something right. Grab a cup of coffee and come hang out with us for some fun and truth!!! 
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Simple Steps Podcast 
Profit into Passion Masterclass

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Shelly Martin is an award winning  Film Producer in Seattle. She goes by #ShellyoftheCity.  We talk about starting a NEW career later in life, trauma, A.C.E.S and depression versus anxiety. Shelly is working on some exciting new projects she will let us in on a glimpse of what she is up too. Grab a cup of coffee and meet #ShellyoftheCity.
Passion into Profit Master Class

Monday Apr 08, 2024

Wendy Gunn is a female entrepreneur who has succeeded in discovering her identity and her passion–communicating to you that God uniquely created you for a purpose and helping you find and fulfill that purpose. That passion is the foundation for her Simple 3-Step System to build a thriving email list full of raving fans, called Launch Your List Live, which is the exact system she used to grow her thriving email list fast. But, she hasn’t always felt confident, sure of her identity, ad walking in her passion, fulfilling her purpose.
Her journey started years ago when she felt "not enough,” inferior, “less than,” and was severely obese, busy copying her friends, taking bits and pieces of their stories, and trying to make them her own. She was copying, comparing, competing, and coveting. Then, one day, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and knew her story was forever changed. Diagnosed with two football-sized tumors, three days later, the surgeon found only one (still football-sized) tumor. It was caught early. Ovarian cancer usually kills because it’s almost never caught early. She knew she was a walking miracle. 
This trial and tragedy transformed her. Over the years, she’s realized we are transformed more through our trials than our triumphs. She began setting and achieving big goals, starting with losing 50 lbs. the next year as she determined to become healthier. That was like the first domino that sent the rest falling. She thought, “If I can do that, I can do anything.” 
She’s set and achieved many big goals–becoming organized, successfully raising children to become Godly adults who they are proud of, building a 45-year marriage with a husband who is her polar opposite, and Homeschooling their children from start to finish. But some of the biggest goals achieved were after the age of 60, and she loves encouraging you to believe in yourself, no matter your age or circumstances, and achieve your big goals. 
After the age of 60, she lost another 50 lbs, took her whole family (her husband, grown son, grown daughter, and son-in-law) on a dream trip to Italy with saved miles, started an online business, and grew her email list from zero to 12K in just over 2 years with a remarkable 37% open rate. 
She helps you, as an entrepreneur, realize how amazing you are, identify your passion and your ideal client to work with, and recognize the unique solution you have to help them. You can then set up an automated email list that brings in a stream of raving fans and makes sales while you sleep, so you can make a life you love, not just a living.
Contact her at
Sign up for her masterclass, Launch Your List Live here:

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Brenda Reiss is often asked why guiding women through forgiveness coaching is so important. The answer is simple. The person she is today is a direct result of self-forgiveness and finding the strength to reclaim her life.
Brenda's story is a testament to the power we have over our own lives if we just take the time to be curious about what is possible and what is holding us back from being the person we are meant to be.
Self-forgiveness helped her transform out of victimhood and step into the life she was meant to live. This experience has given her the unique ability to guide others who are searching for the same transformation to forgive yourself.  
Brenda Reiss Coaching

Monday Mar 25, 2024

Nancy Manet is celebrating the release of her first album, self-titled Nancy Manet, she’s actually been a performing musician for over 35-years. Yet it’s only now that her vision has finally been realized. The songs she writes were spawned from a life that found trouble and trauma - her continuing constants. Consequently, it’s a credit to both her talent and tenacity that’s she’s not only managed to persevere and accomplish all she has, but also to the fact that she simply survived. 
Nancy and I talk about music, abuse, stalking and so much more. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a fun conversation. 
Her album drops May 29, 2024
Nancy Manet
Don't Let Her Ruin You

Monday Mar 18, 2024

PAULA JAUCH is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Walking Into Freedom. She is a trauma survivor, award-winning author, speaker, and host of the PRETTY PODCAST. She has a heart and passion to help those who have been affected by trauma and addiction. Paula has recently been giving the opportunity to go inside prisons and share her story and trauma healing with the inmates and their families. To learn more, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @paulajauch and at
Her book is Cross Addicted: Breaking Free from Family Trauma and Addiction
Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a conversation about abuse, recovery, addiction, and overcoming.

Monday Mar 11, 2024

Mindy Deeble is a Presidential Blue Diamond with Tranont and a top earner in the industry.  She is so down to earth and shares how she went from being a preschool teacher to creating a life of her dreams including bringing her husband home from his all consuming job so they could have time with their kids while they were young and now she gets to spend time with her grandkids.  All because she believed in possibilities, took the steps and never gave up.  She gives us hope for what is possible in our lives.

Monday Mar 04, 2024

Takiya La'Shaune takes us on her journey from escaping domestic violence to building a business and non-profit that helps and supports women walking through the same night mare she is still walking out of.  She talks about healing taking time but that we can give back and build in the midst of our transitions.
Takiya La;Shaune, also known as "the Inspirational Beauty Boss" is a trailblazing woman who stands firm on her foundation of faith in Christ. From hurt to hosting healing retreats and from homeless to housing and helping women Takiya not only uses her platform in entrepreneurship to further her God-given  vision but also shares her story of overcoming  tragic and traumatic obstacles time and again. She is an Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Podcast Host of Behind This Smile.  You can connect and find  out more about her at 
Behind This Smile Podcast

Monday Feb 26, 2024

Katrina Jensen is an Emerald with Tranont she also has a BUNCH of belts. 4th degree black belt in the world taekwondo federation, 3rd degree black belt in the American taekwondo a blue belt in jujitsu. She is a mom, wife and business woman and is passionate about helping women excel.     Works with developing youth programs and women's self defense. Basically a ROCK STAR!!!

Monday Feb 19, 2024

Raised singing on TV Debbie has walked through some trials and struggles.  She learned to lean on God in all things.  She has a YouTube channel and a product line and webpage She is a Bible Study leader and loves sharing her love for God and anti aging!!! 
Debbie's YouTube
Younger Lift


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